Coffee and donuts at HSQ

By Lucia September 19, 2011

This morning Rolando and I were busy making up some cider donuts. Ok, he did all the hard work, but I was helping separate the donuts from the donut holes. These guys are cake donuts, so you use baking powder or baking soda instead of yeast. And apple cider too. It’s a New England thing, right? You get something sort of dense, cakey, but still fluffy.

I was talking to Kim (MIT truck customer), about cider donuts. She claims one of her friends (a woman in her seventies who lives on the North Shore) is credited with adding apple cider to donuts. Anyone know the story?

In any case, eating one with my cup of coffee, and then heading out into one of the first crisp fall days made me pretty happy. We’ll be making up cider donuts every morning this week. They’re a treat we’re giving away if you stop by Coffee Week. Come by, learn to pour a cup of coffee, and have a cider donut. 9am-10:30am all week at the restaurant (7 Holyoke St).

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