Are those doughnuts on the counter?

By rolando September 21, 2011

Did you get a doughnut yesterday? We’re making cider doughnuts every day this week and giving them away as part of our week of coffee events at the Harvard store.

Monday, I made a recipe Ayr had. We gave them away, and asked folks what they thought. I tweaked the recipe a little: took out a lot of the sugar and spices from the batter, cooked down a bunch of apple cider to get a concentrated apple flavor. Then coated the doughnuts in cinnamon sugar when they were still warm.

Side note: has anyone seen my doughnut cutters? If you find them, I’ll buy you a coffee. They disappeared Monday, so I used our metal salt shakers to make the round, and Ashton ran and got a small brass hole cutter from Dickson Brothers. We’ll be making more doughnuts tomorrow for the Counter Culture coffee event, this morning, 9am-10:30am. 7 Holyoke St.

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