That’s pure Yankee right there

By ayr September 22, 2011

Wish I’d come up with that. Well, maybe I’d need to have one of those printers that cranks through reams of paper to have come up with something like this. I don’t have one of those.

This was at Russo’s, one of our distributors. I noticed it and asked. I love this sort of stuff. That cut-out cardboard box serves 2 purposes:

1) It protects the printer. They told me it kept getting knocked

2) It creates a little table. Really cool right? A little surface to place stuff

The other day my daughter, who is now 5, was getting disturbed because I told her we couldn’t buy something. She was wondering why. I told her we didn’t have money to spend on that. And all of a sudden she was feeling concerned. It got me thinking a bit. I talked to her about how it’s great not to have money. That’s how great stuff happens. Like this clever little idea at the office at Russo’s. Look, it’s not the kind of innovation that is going to change the world. It’s not flashy or sophisticated like something out of a lab at MIT. But look at that. It’s sort of beautiful isn’t it?

I thought this was great. I think this sort of stuff is what makes small businesses work, and one of the things that makes them beautiful.

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