Lumberjack coffee

By Lucia September 24, 2011

This week we had coffee roasters to the store to meet you all. Here’s Matt, his coffee is called Matt’s Wood Roasted. He roasts over a wood fire in Maine.

There’s a couple reasons he does this. I think one is ecological, one is a nod to an old way of roasting coffee, but maybe another reason is that it’s fun to build a wood fire. I mean, can you imagine how fun it must be to chop up a bunch of firewood and build a fire? There’s probably a taste thing too.

Matt is the sort of person who might come to mind when you think of Maine. Sort of quiet, didn’t want to talk at all about how great his coffee is. I kept asking Matt questions, he may have gotten sick of me. But I found out he got his PhD in English, and wrote his dissertation on the literature of the Maine woods. There’s actually a genre of literature of Maine: the woods, lumberjacks, etc. So cool. Probably lots of wood piles and fires in those books : )

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