Apple fritters are back

By rolando September 25, 2011

It’s that time of the year again. Apples are pressing for cider at Box Mill Farm in Stow, and that means apple fritters at Clover. This time last year, Ayr told me about cider doughnuts they make up at cider houses in New England, so I thought we’d make some apple fritters.

We grate up raw apples, add apple cider then mix it into a batter. We fry them up in the fryer, toss w/cinnamon and sugar (if you’re making these at home, let them drain for a minute before tossing w/cinnamon and sugar, makes the cinnamon and sugar stick better).

I think these might be the most popular 3pm special we have ever had. We had some addictions forming last year, some people were quite upset when we switched to something else. We’ll run these all week, then it’ll be on to something new. Any suggestions?

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