Back to the Future at DWY truck rained out…again

By Lucia September 28, 2011

We’re going to show a movie on the side of the Dewey truck by South Station. We really are. I promise. I have the copyright to show Back to the Future, Ayr has a popcorn popper, the Greenway is on board, and a bunch of customers (Becky, we’re looking at you) are excited to have attended both Clover movie nights (she was one of the more excited attendees of the first movie night at MIT).

But every time we schedule this, it gets rained out. It’s becoming comical. I’m talking 4 Thursdays in a row. We were supposed run this tomorrow, but it’s going to be raining yet again. Sorry to those customers who keep looking out for this. We’ll keep you updated when we pick a new date.

Sandy says we should invent a time machine to go to the future and see if it’s going to rain.

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