I feel so little

By ayr September 28, 2011

It’s impossible to describe how small you feel at Berkshire Products. These guys cut trees. Not the little ones around the city, but big big trees.

We’ve been making the pilgrimage down Berkshire Products since the MIT truck. I love it. Here I’m picking out the wood for the HUB. I thought I’d cleaned them out of Red Oak with our Harvard Square location, that’s why the new trucks this summer use Cherry. But they have more Red Oak in now, well they did. I bought something like 120 linear feet, so there isn’t any left. We like Red Oak and Cherry because they are harvested in New England.

We have something really dramatic planned for our restaurant here. I can’t wait. The counter is going to be 74 feet long, a big long line pointing to the massive prep kitchen.

More lumber pics after the break

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