Come hear this guy speak at Clover

By Lucia September 29, 2011

We’re having our October All-Company meeting this Sunday at 7:30pm at the Harvard restaurant. We keep these open to the public, and some times a few customers come.

Every meeting, Ayr asks one employee to make a little speech about why they’re at Clover. Yep, this time, the guy in this picture is going to talk. Sandy is the assistant manager at Mary’s truck at South Station, he’s also the one running the Sowa truck in the South End.

So for any Dewey customers in the Sandy fan club (we know you’re out there, we’ve seen the tweets), come hear Sandy spill his soul. Clover All-Company Meeting will happen 10/2, at 7:30pm, 7 Holyoke St. And if this picture isn’t enough to entice you, we’ll also be talking about some new stuff with Clover, and we’ll have snacks and drinks for all (but the restaurant will close at 7pm).

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