Smell those onions?

By Lucia September 29, 2011

Just about every day we chop up onions to make caramelized onions (for BBQ seitan), onion hash (for salads), and pickled red onions (for the chickpea fritter sandwich and the basil sandwich). We go through bags of onions every day. Here Chris and Ayr are peeling a 22-quart Cambro worth of them.

You can always tell onion prep is happening because Megan starts to cry, and has to retreat into the office.┬áIf you’re like me, and wear contact lenses, you’re safe. And you just get to smell the delicious smell of onions.

Caramelizing onions (without burning them) was one of the first things Rolando taught me to do at Clover, if you’re by later, the crew will be doing it on a much larger scale. Watch, and you might pick up some tips.

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