Is that the smell of apple pies at Clover?

By Lucia October 2, 2011

We’re having our October All-Company Meeting tonight at 7:30pm. We keep these open to the public, and sometimes a few customers stick around.¬†Ayr was baking up the snack for the meeting. Apple pies w/cheddar cheese. I was learning how to roll out the dough.

Ayr is learning a lot about baking from his family. Turns out, a lot of things make a difference in how your pie crust turns out (like flouring the rolling pin instead of flouring the dough, and rolling out from the center to avoid making the center of the dough tough). Ok, we haven’t quite figured out the crimping technique yet, but we suspect they’re going to taste pretty good.

If you’re in Harvard Square, the restaurant is closed for the night, but we’ll all be here talking and eating pie. These ones are due to come out of the oven in 30 minutes.

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