SaveGOV: Bridget

By Lucia October 3, 2011

Bridget is our order-taker at the GOV truck. She’s come an incredibly long way over the past year here. My first memory of Bridget is her silently frying up plantains as a culinary school intern at the Dewey truck last winter. Now she’s the order-taker at GOV, which means a lot of talking, smiling, laughing, solving problems, meeting folks. And now, it sort of seems like everybody on City Hall Plaza knows Bridget.

The customer in the picture is Mark, he brought his sister to meet Clover. He knows everybody’s names on the truck. This sort of stuff is always really exciting for everyone to see, especially as we grow, because it means we’ve started to create something like a community around the truck every day.

So what’s the story with all this SaveGOV business?¬†Clover (and the other 2 trucks on City Hall Plaza) will be gone at the end of October when our operating agreement expires. Bridget (and the rest of the crew) are really going to miss seeing you folks every day, so we’ve decided to see if we can save GOV. There’s a petition.

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