Beer game plan

By Chris October 7, 2011

The brewery in Ipswich where Notch brews their beer is kinda like what we used to operate out of when we first got started.  It’s a shared space that multiple businesses can use while they are getting started. Chris shares the space with other brewers and soda makers.

This is a picture of a dry erase board that really interested me for some reason. That’s Chris’s arm (he’s the brewer) and he’s translating all the hieroglyphics. The bottom right corner shows the production schedule and which tanks are reserved for brewing. The rest of the board is a map of the floor plan with all the holding tanks. This is where beer is stored and fermented until it’s ready to be bottled, or put in a keg. Each tank is labeled with whose beer it is, what kind of beer it is and the initials of the person who used the tank last. So if the person who used the tank last didn’t clean it properly and it affects a batch, they can hold that person responsible. I love systems like this.

If you want to taste the results of all this planning, come by the restaurant tonight, we’ll be launching Notch Session Ale. 8pm to midnight at the restaurant (7 Holyoke). Beer is $3. Chris will pour.

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