What does a whoopie pie taste like at midnight?

By Lucia October 7, 2011

For that matter, what does beer at Clover taste like at midnight?

Tonight’s exciting for us. We’re almost 1 year old at 7 Holyoke, and we’re going to start staying open til midnight. Some of you were stopping by at 10pm right as we were closing, it wasn’t fun to turn people away. The permit from Cambridge came in this week. You’ll have to let us know what Clover tastes like late-night.¬†Bridget and Becca are working on an extra batch of chocolate, caramel, and salt whoopie pies for this.

And, we’re launching a new beer tonight (Notch Session Ale). We’re really excited, we actually got to help make the beer we’re going to serve. Chris, brewer from Notch will be there to pour the first cup and talk to you all. 8pm tonight.

Notch Session Ale Launch + First Midnight Close
Clover HSQ, 7 Holyoke
8pm on

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