Matt’s Wood Roasted: El Salvador Santa Adelaida

By rolando October 10, 2011

We just opened up a few bags of Matt’s El Salvador. This is at all locations in the Local coffee slot ($2). We intended to keep this around for the whole month of October, but you guys are going through it really fast. Like, really fast (65 pounds in 1 week).

Matt (the guy) roasts in Pownal, Maine. Ayr, Chris and I went up to visit him. He’s doing something from the heart. His roaster is wood-fired. I think wood roasting is very rough, rustic and in some ways old-fashioned. But he’s also using timers and roasting implements to make sure the beans are progressing through the right stages of roasting.

Ayr and I pick the local $2 coffees for some specific characteristics. They fit into what people might expect coffee to be. They’re light-medium roasted so they show the flavor of the area where they were grown. So the El Salvador. It’s super smooth, well-balanced, sort of chocolatey. If you’ve been drinking it this week, let us know what you think.

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