Mushroom, corn, pasta salad

By rolando October 11, 2011

You might have noticed a few more pasta salads popping up on the menu.
When I worked at Lespinasse in NYC, I used to prepare this awesome mushroom risotto. As a line cook at Emeril’s we made a mushroom and corn pappardelle.  I was reminiscing about those days and came up with this salad.

First onions are caramelized, then cooked down with a mix of mushrooms.  Next we add red wine and cook out the alcohol.  Just before it’s done, when there is still some liquid left, we add the corn, because it doesn’t take long too cook.  We cool this mixture down.  Cook up some whole wheat fusilli pasta. Toss everything together with some herbs and a light vinaigrette. Oh yeah, and these are garnished with tomatoes that we roasted in a low oven until sweet.

If you have it today, let us know what you think.  This will run once more before salads make way for soups for the season.

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