Turnip Sandwich

By rolando October 11, 2011

Lots of people couldn’t wait for the return of the Turnip.  A few, maybe are really dreading it.  Enzo gets credit for the sign, we ran this last year.

All of the seasonal sandwiches start with an ingredient that is great at that particular time of the year. I was thinking about creating a sandwich with apples, and there’s that classic New England pairing of  apple pie and cheddar.  So we came up with the apple spread and cheddar cheese. I wanted a dark leafy green so I chose bunch spinach, which is picked time-wise in between baby spinach and the more fibrous older spinach. I needed a main component to add bulk to the sandwich.  I thought, pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes, celery root. I figured sweet apple spread and cheese might play nicely against the peppery and bitter turnip.

At first I called this sandwich the Apple. But in the sandwich the apple was really playing a secondary role.  Also, who else, in their right mind, would ever make a sandwich featuring a turnip?  So that question sealed it. The one and only Turnip is back.  Started at MIT on Tuesday and will be rolling out to other locations through the week.

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