Ecco coffee: Brazil Fazenda Laranjal

By rolando October 14, 2011

The past couple of weeks, we’ve been featuring a Brazilian coffee roasted by Ecco Caffe out in Santa Rosa, CA. Ayr and I had such a great time visiting a bunch of coffee roasters on the West Coast a year and a half ago. Ecco was one of the roasters. They were acquired by Intelly a little while back.

I think I was spending the day in Napa with Heather (my wife) that day of our trip, so Ayr went to Ecco with his family. Ayr had a Brazilian coffee he couldn’t stop raving about, so I missed out. Like all the roasters we buy from, they have deep relationships with their growers, which is important to us. They are also really good at roasting coffee beans. We know that simply by tasting their coffees, a lot.

This Brazilian is delicious. Really pleasant and easy to drink. Taste before you put cream and sugar and let us know what you think. It will be at all locations through next week. Oh and if you were wondering what a Fazenda is, it means coffee plantation.

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