Root veg mania (and MIT is open late)

By Lucia October 17, 2011

I took this picture of these MIT students the other night. Sorry it’s blurry, it was pretty dark out. Some of you might have noticed we are trying later hours at the MIT truck (weekdays, 8am to 8:30pm).

I found out the other night that our turnip sandwich is inspiring some interesting discussions. If you could zoom in far enough to the guy’s phone, you would see he was searching for an image of a radish. These guys were having a very friendly argument about the difference between a radish and a turnip, and which one is better.

I was pretty excited. Evening hours are picking up, more and more of you are stopping by, mostly in groups, which is sort of fun. And those who are stopping by seem happy we’re here late. So we’ll be here with the turnip sandwich (and the answer to the radish vs turnip debate) M-F til 8:30pm.

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