Save GOV: Brett

By Lucia October 19, 2011

This is Brett. He comes from sunny California. He’s our newest manager. Welcome to New England, Brett. Check out the ripples in the water that are flying across City Hall Plaza today.

If you eat at the GOV truck, you know Brett. He’s the one always keeping calm. I mean, really, has anyone ever seen Brett get upset?

Brett started with us as a driver. Meg hired him to drive the resupply van from truck to truck. All of us who work on the trucks got used to seeing Brett’s smiling face dropping off food and picking up dirty dishes. This is one of the least glamorous jobs at Clover, but it’s one of the most important, and Brett rocked it. Soon he started learning the ropes on the trucks, first as a team leader on the BU truck, and now as a manager at GOV. He and his wife have two adorable sons, I’ve hung out with Thomas at least once during brunch at Harvard, and I’m serious when I say they’re adorable.

We want Brett to continue learning to keep a truck running. If you haven’t signed the petition to keep the trucks on City Hall Plaza, here’s the link:

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