Where’s BUB?

By Lucia October 21, 2011

Julie felt really bad about this. Friday, the BU Bridge truck got called in to do a rescue mission. The battery on the truck that parks at LMA wouldn’t start, so all the BUB staff drove the truck to Longwood to bail them out and serve breakfast at Longwood. Which meant we disappointed a bunch of you at BU.

Most trucks rove around, posting on Twitter where they’ll be during a day. We try hard to do the complete opposite: park in one spot all the time. We build regular customers that way, people feel like they can come back the next day, see the same folks working, give us good or bad feedback. Which is why it’s tough for us when we miss a day, like last Friday.

Julie and I are going to plan an apple and donuts event at BU soon. Details soon. And you can find the truck parked at BU today and all weekdays, 8am – 3pm, in front of CFA on Comm Ave.

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