KIT visits GOV

By Lucia October 24, 2011

We can’t say enough about how awesome our kitchen staff is. They make it happen every day. They break down pumpkins, boil and peel hundreds of eggs, mow through red cabbage, do math, lift heavy boxes, adjust pars, measure out cinnamon, spearmint, salt, make perfect caramelized onions. They do all this in a crowded kitchen that serves 5 trucks and a busy restaurant.

That’s Eddie (lead cook, helps run the kitchen) and Oswin (prep cook, makes most of the falafel you’re eating). They stopped by the GOV truck last week. Sorry the picture is blurry, it was in the middle of a rainstorm. Eddie was on his way to culinary school. They hadn’t seen the inner workings of the truck. They were super excited. I think we should have a trade one day, where kitchen staff spends a day on the trucks.

Eddie’s originally from Ecuador. I was asking him if he has any Ecuadorean recipes he can suggest to Clover. Apparently there’s a plantain soup…

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