3pm special: Notch beer-battered onion rings

By rolando October 25, 2011

I love onion rings. Last year we made these with Sam Adams beer that I traded for at the Sam Adams brewery in Jamaica Plain where we used to prep. All I had to do was bring them a large batch of onion rings in exchange for the beer.

We like to switch our 3pm special each week to keep things moving. Every so often we have a blockbuster 3pm special like the apple fritters or pumpkin fritters and we let them hang on for another week.¬†We want to be careful not to keep the pumpkin fritters on the menu too long. We’ve already created some addicts.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be serving beer-battered onion rings on the trucks. These will be using Notch beer from our beer on tap at Harvard Square.

Lucia edit: this is the team at MIT making them up for the first time. James used to be a short-order cook, that’s why he can crack an egg with one hand.

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