Bird at Harvard Square

By Lucia November 2, 2011

If you’ve come by the Harvard store, you might have noticed one of the more persistent customers. We don’t know the name of this guy, but we think he might be trying to get a job here.

He’s been showing us he can work most of the stations. First he flies up onto that ledge: observing us making sandwiches, yep, I can do that, he’s thinking. Then he goes over by the A-frames and looks really friendly, as if to say, “I can take orders and talk to customers.” Then he hops over to the back of the restaurant, trying to show us he can clean up little bits of leaves that make it into the store.

Unfortunately, we can’t really have birds in the restaurant, so we catch him with a net, and take him outside every time he comes in. It’s sort of funny and kind of sad. It’s not multiple birds coming in, we don’t have a bird problem, it’s always the exact same bird. I really think he wants a job here.

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