Super technical testing cup

By ayr November 4, 2011

We have a 15 keg allotment of Notch’s BSA Harvest beer. BSA is sort of like CSA, “Brewer Supported Agriculture.” That means this beer is made with MA-grown ingredients. Get it before it’s gone. We’re serving it at the Harvard Square restaurant (HSQ) which is open until midnight now.

We’re having a fun of tun visiting breweries. I’ll tell you about Allagash’s pristine factory sometime soon, but today the focus is Ipswich. We loved seeing Chris from Notch brew. The brewery he uses is bursting at the seams. There’s a ton of action, they probably put out a lot more than they should for their size. And everything, I mean EVERYTHING is home-made. It’s awesome. Tanks are converted Campbell Soup tanks, clever DIY solutions are left and right.

I noticed this coffee mug upside-down and thought somebody had just left it out. Nope. As we saw the rest of the process it became clear this was the official testing cup. An important part of the process. There’s nothing wrong with that. It isn’t gleaming, but it’s not unsanitary either. The least expensive solution for the job.

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