Whoopie pie Friday: Tonight, Clover HSQ, 7 Holyoke

By Lucia November 4, 2011

We bake whoopie pies on Friday nights at the Harvard Square restaurant. Did you know whoopie pies are a New England thing? Some say Maine, some say Pennsylvania. Apparently there’s a battle over who claims whoopie pies, Senators are involved, inflammatory newspaper articles, etc. Customers from Maine or PA are welcome to weigh in.

Our whoopie pies haven’t been perfect lately. We’ve run out at 8pm, they haven’t been fluffy enough, some nights we haven’t had them at all, and we haven’t been letting you know the flavor beforehand. Now we have a better recipe, thanks to hard work from Megan and Becca (and a few mistakes that turned into something great). And we’re excited to show you.

Come by after 6pm or watch the twitter feed @cloverHSQ. We’ll post 1.) when they’re coming out of the oven and 2.) when the restaurant smells like chocolate and squash (maybe that’s a hint on tonight’s flavor?)

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