Maple syrup courier service

By Lucia November 6, 2011

Antoria wanted this to get posted on twitter, her iPod wasn’t working, so she called me to see if I could help. I think this story is worthy of a whole post here. A little background/apology. We switched major kitchen production and some delivery accounts over to the Clover HUB in Inman Square. Which means that for the first time ever, the Harvard Square restaurant is running out of stuff. Early in the week it was muffin ingredients, Friday it was tahini, and this morning, there was no maple syrup for pancakes.

These customers are Jack and John. They went over to HUB (1075 Cambridge St) hoping to eat brunch. We don’t serve brunch at the HUB. So they said they were going to walk over to HSQ (7 Holyoke). I guess a delivery of maple syrup had just arrived at the HUB from South Face Farm. So the staff gave Jack and John the maple syrup. They walked with it through Cambridge to HSQ.

This made me really happy when Antoria told me about it. They were nice enough to deliver our syrup, the staff trusted them to bring something really expensive. Sort of feels like our customers are starting to feel like neighbors (which is what we want you all to feel like).

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