First big coffee catering at HUB

By Lucia November 8, 2011

Terry’s holding this funny box. A little silver liner bag fits inside and keeps coffee warm. According to Chris there are a bunch of companies who make these coffee boxes, and each company has a different way you fold the cardboard to make the liner fit. I think it’s a really funny invention, the silver bag especially. Sort of like an astronaut pouch for food.

Terry (neighbor) came by the HUB in Inman Square and ordered 10 coffees and 10 popovers at once. So we made 10 cups of coffee, figured out how to use the coffee box, and poured each one in.

We’re selling a ton of coffees at the HUB. It’s only Week 2. Chris thinks we’re already selling more than at the Harvard restaurant. I think it’s because a lot of undergrads who are customers at the Harvard location don’t drink coffee yet.

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