Occupy Boston, Day 1

By sandy November 13, 2011

Sandy from the Dewey truck here. I’m going through the backlog of pictures about Occupy Boston. I suppose this post should be titled “Night 1,” since all the daytime activities took place at the Common that day. Those of us on the DWY truck knew days in advance about the upcoming occupation. John Lee (FIN) knew about 8 hours ahead of time. He had just received a call from the City of Boston that hundreds of demonstrators were planning on showing up right by our truck that evening. He was a little nervous.

That day my shift ended at 3pm and I promised Mary, DWY’s fearless manager, that I’d be back at 6pm to check in with her in case of…well, anything really. Sure enough, when I got back, the truck was bustling with people ordering sandwiches and drinks (all the food we had left by then). We stuck it out until close and sold out of everything on the truck. Coffee, lemonade, sandwich ingredients, all gone.

I took this picture at 7:30pm that night. Until we moved to our current location (corner of Atlantic and Summer St) on Dewey Square this spring, our truck was located opposite that building, where all the people are standing. The scenery, people and culture of Dewey Square sort of seemed to change that night.

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