Occupy Boston, Day 2

By sandy November 15, 2011

You get two pictures here. For those of you who haven’t been following, our truck is parked right next to the Occupy Boston camp. The top photo is from 8am the morning after the first night of Occupy Boston, 8/30. It had rained all night the first night, and this was the morning. I took this picture before many of the people in the first group of tents were even awake.

The second picture is from around 4pm. In 8 hours, those of us on the truck were making popovers, serving breakfast, flipping over to lunch, making dinner, and starting to break down the truck to close.

Meanwhile a tent city was springing up on the Greenway. It kept raining but that didn’t stop a steady stream of people, food, material and tents. It rained that night and for several nights following. The rain didn’t stop the people from coming or the tent city from growing…

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