GOV truck final days

By Lucia November 20, 2011

This picture was Day 1 of the truck at Government Center, back in April. The crew was up early that day cracking eggs and slicing up tomatoes. We got the spot because Mayor Menino sponsored a contest to get healthy food onto City Hall Plaza. We didn’t know what City workers would think of us. But a few people came the first day. The next day they brought their coworkers. 8 months later, we’re feeding around 1000 people in a given week at GOV. That’s Bridget in the center. She’s been there since Day 1, I’d guess she knows the names of 200 City workers who eat with us every day.

So, what’s all this about final days? This week is the last for Clover and the other 2 food trucks on City Hall Plaza. The operating agreement expires on Thanksgiving. Well, it actually expired in October, then the City extended it to Thanksgiving. But here’s the thing, we’d sort of love to stay through the winter. We’re getting better at doing winters. We shovel snow. We dress like skiers. We have storm windows. We’re (sort of) good at repairing generators (just ask Enzo). And winter isn’t that bad when you’re serving hot soup and sandwiches to customers you know and love.

So we wrote up a little petition. Over a thousand people signed. Some of you wrote little notes in the sidebar, about how much you love having the truck there. I wrote a letter to Mayor Menino. I can post it if anyone wants to see. I sort of bragged about the stuff we’re doing with healthy food (if you know me, you know I hate bragging about us, I get really uncomfortable). Anyway, that was our last-ditch effort to extend the truck’s life through the winter. Maybe we’ll hear news this week. If not, stop by, say good luck to Bridget and the rest of the crew. They’re going to miss seeing you all every day : )

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