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By ayr November 21, 2011

OK, this is number 2. Remember that Bostonian award I found on the loading dock the other week? Here’s another, and yeah, that’s trash.

Some of you have been asking why we’re not thrilled to make these “best of” lists. I’ve even been called arrogant and snobby. Look, I’ve been called lots of things. Let’s talk about substance. What are these “best of” things anyway? They’re a way for these publications to (a) advertise by piggybacking on businesses who are “awarded,” and (b) a way for publishers to drive more traffic to their website/ publication. Does any of that have to do with food? Does it have to do with low prices? Does it speed up our serve times? Does it have to do with our relationships with our customers? Does it have anything to do with sourcing ingredients? No, no, no, no, no, no. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the things that keep our attention.

I have to say, I find this one a bit more offensive than the last. Best truck/brick and mortar? Aren’t we the ONLY? Hah! At least it doesn’t say vegetarian.

[Hey all: there’s a more up-to-date post here, but if you’re interested in all this there are a ton of comments here as well]

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