New beer launch: Friday, Peak local edition

By ayr November 30, 2011

I’m a bit behind. Chris’s Notch BSA became really popular all of a sudden and we ran through our allotment. It’s all gone. You might have noted we have a Saison from Notch filling in these past few days.

We’re going to launch a new beer, 3rd in our series of beers made from MA-grown ingredients. This one is from Jon at Peak Organic. Friday is the last day of classes for Harvard, so we thought what better time to share beer. Those of you who normally come by Fridays also know that’s whoopie pie time. We thought we’d do something different this time around and provide a new non-alcoholic option for those of you who are super excited about class being out but younger than 21.

Jon, the brewer from Peak Organic will be pouring our newest beer

Come ask him questions about why it’s so revolutionary to brew from locally-sourced ingredients

(we’ll have whoopie pies and a new non-alcoholic beverage)

Friday 12/2/11

8pm at Clover HSQ (7 Holyoke St.)

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