Barrington coffee: Casa Ruiz, Panama — It’s back

By rolando December 5, 2011

We’re excited to bring back an old staple at Clover, the Casa Ruiz from Barrington Roasters. It’s a coffee from Panama roasted by our friends Barth and Heck in Western Mass. How much do we like this coffee? We like it so much that we ran it for the first 3 years of Clover. We haven’t had it for a couple months, it’s like having an old friend back in town.

I grew up on Dunkies and this is the coffee that taughtme how to drink coffee without cream and sugar.

That is a photo of the first phase of pouring the coffee. The coffee is just starting to wet the grounds. Those bubbles? CO2 leaving the coffee grounds. These bubbles are an indication of how fresh the coffee is. The beans have more gas when its fresh, which translates to more bubbles when brewing.

The Casa Ruiz is brewing at all Clover locations today, and running through December.

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