Pouring at Converse (and making shoes)

By ayr December 8, 2011

Converse invited (paid) us to pour coffee as a little experiment. So Rolando and I set up over at the Converse store on Newbury earlier today. Did you even know there was a Converse store on Newbury? We’re there again tomorrow.

Free Coffee and Free Gingerbread Donuts, did I mention FREE?

Poured and Fried by Clover

At the Converse Store on Newbury St.

Friday, 3pm – 7pm

I hadn’t been there before. They have this crazy machine that can print on their shoes. Seriously. There’s all this clip art you can choose from and you can have a custom shoe created while you wait.

When I saw that my mind started racing. Andy, the guy operating the machine is an art grad. I convinced him to bend some rules and print shoes from a file I brought. The subject: pickled veg of course. It’s sort of an inside joke, but you can all be in on it. There’s nothing we deal with in larger quantities at Clover then pickled vegetables. Carrots, red onions, red cabbage. We pickle massive amounts every day and put them on thousands of sandwiches. Anybody who has worked at Clover for any period of time has grabbed pickled veg for a sandwich 10s of thousands of times.

I’m really excited about how they turned out. But I’m thinking I might like it better with both left and right matching. So tomorrow I’m going to get 2 more made.

Thanks Converse!

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