Should we keep doing pour-over coffee?

By ayr December 9, 2011

Three years ago today we first tried coffee on the menu. Here’s an old picture from one of those first samples I received. This was back before I knew anything. I mean, anything. My parents didn’t drink coffee, and still don’t. I didn’t drink coffee.

I looked around and took the lead from the best I knew at the time, which was Northampton Coffee. I still love their shop. They use Barrington Coffee Roasters, so that was the first roaster I approached for samples. Rolando and I quickly found ourselves on a coffee tour whirlwind. We tasted with George Howell, roasters in Rhode Island, Barismo. And we slowly started learning about coffee.

But every once and I while I find myself questioning things we do. Do you think we should serve coffee at all? I think it’s an important part of breakfast. I think we do it really really well. And I love the business we’re bringing to our roasters (lots these days). But it is a drug, which I think about sometimes. And even if we are going to do coffee, we could do it in a more conventional way that would be more profitable, and maybe more popular. We could brew batches and hold it. What do you all think?

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