Food post #1

By ayr December 11, 2011

I noticed the other day that we haven’t been posting as much about food as we mean to. It’s the beginning and end of every day for us, and I think there’s the risk that we assume too much. I’m going to put up a series of posts focusing on what is happening in the kitchen, how your food is being made.

I found Matt hammering on a strip of paper with his pan. I wanted to know what was going on. Garlic. Will figured out this is the best way to peel our garlic. It’s a godsend. About a year ago Rolando and I decided pre-peeled garlic wasn’t good enough. It’s sort of an industry standard, more expensive than already minced garlic. But I just think it’s rank. So we moved to peeling our own. But the thing is we peel a LOT OF GARLIC every day. I’ve had this suspicion that folks in the kitchen curse me for this decision.

So thanks Matt, you might have improved my karma with your awesome invention. So excited!

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