Fry down

By Lucia December 12, 2011

These customers sing opera at the building across the street from HSQ. They came by during rehearsal and ordered two “fry downs.” I thought this was really funny.

Our potatoes take 3-4 minutes to fry up. They’ll probably never take a shorter amount of time. So when a customer orders fries, we tend to want to shout over to whoever’s working fryer, so they can start frying the potatoes right then. Hence the “fry down!” call.

Sometimes I hesitate to say “fry down,” because I feel like it interrupts the conversation I’m having with a customer. But it really does help to have that extra notice when you’re making the fries, and it’s nice when they can be done in 4 minutes flat. What do you think? Have you noticed this? Is it annoying to hear us calling back and forth to each other?

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