Barismo re-connect

By rolando December 13, 2011

The other day Jamie from Barismo stopped into our Harvard Square store to drop off some samples. Barismo is a coffee roaster up the road in Arlington.

We used to run Barismo coffees in our guest rotation. We haven’t had them in awhile. There were  a bunch of reasons. We hadn’t developed much of a personal relationship with them (I could call up Barth from Barrington roasters on his cell with a question anytime I needed). We had a good talk and Jamie told us that they had been super busy over the past couple of years and they struggled with paying much attention to accounts that didn’t buy a ton of coffee from them (like Clover).  Apparently, they were just like us (we both started in Fall 2008), super busy and growing fast.

Ayr brewed a cup of each coffee sample and we tasted them. There was an interesting coffee called Mundo Nuevo from Huehuetenango, a coffee region of Guatemala. The farm is called Buena Esperanza. This coffee is considered a low grade coffee in Brazil because of poor results when grown at low elevations and typically used for blends. The grower decided to grow it at a high altitude, 1,800 meters. The result was a good one. When I smelled the coffee I got molasses. Ayr thought it was a little high on acidity, but delicious. There were also some fall fruit notes, apple and pear. We liked all of these samples.

So we’re going to be sample them out at HSQ today and tomorrow. Let us know which one you would like to see in the rotation.

Oh and now I have Jamie’s cell number too.

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