Broken paper towel dispenser

By ayr December 15, 2011

These dispensers break if you look at them. See that one? That’s at the HUB. That’s right, less than 6 weeks old. And broken. I need to figure something else out. The suppliers give this style dispenser for free, but seriously, they break about 2-3 times a year per dispenser. That means we throw away something like 10 of these a year per restaurant. Crazy!

They just sent me a motion sensor version. Maybe it will be more reliable. You can check it out at the HSQ bathrooms.

(btw, that other thing on the wall? That’s the employee bathroom at the HUB. I think Julian got sick of clogged toilets that come from paper towels in the toilet. We had the same problem at HSQ earlier, but dealt with it in a less straight-forward manner : )

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