Fruitcake fritters

By rolando December 21, 2011

I never really ate fruitcake (maybe tasted it once), but I’ve heard a ton about it, and most of it, not very good. Like it was something that your Aunt always brought around the holidays or it was something that perpetually was re-gifted.

So, I was watching Iron Chef the other day (something I don’t normally do) and the secret ingredient was fruitcake. The chefs used the fruitcake to make a fruitcake dashi (japanese soup stock), sushi and sausage. I thought, come on really?

I wanted to play around, so I came up with fruitcake fritters. These are flavored with molasses and spices and garnished with dried fruit (cranberries & raisins) and candied ginger.

Running at all locations starting immediately. Let us know what you think.

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