By ayr January 3, 2012


Feels like a year ago, but it’s only been a few weeks. We had this giant party at HSQ called Yulefest. We can’t claim any credit for putting this together. A guy named Edie came up to me a few months back and pitched us on the idea.

It was pretty crazy. We shut down Holyoke St. There were 1,000s of runners. And the costumes were awesome. Our favorite brewers were there, Dann and Martha of Pretty Things, Chris from Notch, and Jon from Peak Organic.

What do costumed runners drinking beer at 11am on a Wintery Sunday look like? We had no idea what to expect. We avoided some near accidents in the restaurant, but I was still cleaning for hours after the party. I can’t imagine we’ll ever have that many people in the restaurant again. It was really nuts, and of course per usual we had no idea what we were doing. But I think everybody had a great time.

Thanks Eddie!

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