Hot honey ginger

By rolando January 5, 2012

It’s a cold one out there. If you haven’t tried this drink yet, this week is a perfect time for it. We steep fresh slices of ginger with just enough honey to balance the spiciness from the ginger.

If it’s too cold for you to venture out to us, or you don’t live in Boston, just make your own batch at home.

Hot Honey Ginger Yield 1 quart

1/4 cup ginger, washed and sliced thin
2 tbsp honey
1 quart water

Add all ingredients to a pot.
Bring to a simmer for 20 minutes. Do not boil!
When done, remeasure to yield 1 quart.
Serve. We like to leave pieces of the ginger floating in the drink.

Try to find a local source of honey. We use honey from Mello’s Farmstand in Little Compton, RI, produced by Art Mello. It’s local and so delicious. I live in Cranston, RI, and every month or so, Art will drop off a 5 gallon bucket of honey at my house. I strap it to a little dolly and bring it on the commuter train with me to Clover.

Let us know if you try making this at home and what you think.

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