What’s the plural of pirogi?

By Lucia January 7, 2012

For our holiday party, we asked managers to make something from their childhood.

Chris (HUB) grew up eating his mom’s pirogi. They’re little dumplings from Eastern Europe. Friday before the party Chris made 150 pirogi by hand. Saturday I freaked out, a bunch more people had RSVP’d yes. Chris was in New York. So we made another 150. I had never made these. It’s fun to make the dough. 2 parts flour to 1 part sour cream. You roll it out, cut into circles, and fold those in half around a filling you make by cooking up onions, butter, potatoes and cheddar. You crimp the edges, cook them in simmering water, and then shock them in an ice bath.

Chris warned me this would take a while. He wasn’t kidding. If you were at the party, Chris was frying them up in butter. Steve, MIT regular, asked us when we’d be serving them as a 3pm special. I got really scared when I heard this. I think I could get faster with practice, but I was averaging at least 1.5 minutes per pirogi.

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