Ran out of propane

By Lucia January 12, 2012

Our truck uses propane to power the appliances on board (oven, fryer, water heater). Two nights ago we forgot to fill propane. Right as we were setting up for lunch today, everything died. Here we are packing up to refuel at Brookline Ice and Coal. Ugghh. Sorry all. We’ll post on @cloverfoodtruck when we’re back.

This rarely happens anymore. We have a schedule for refueling days. I remember one of my first times driving the truck at night, I forgot to get propane, and remembered just as my shift started the next day. I was almost in tears telling Jeremiah that we weren’t going to be able to drive the truck away from MIT because it was out of propane.

That’s when I learned the difference between propane and gasoline : )

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