Clover events 1/13-1/15

By Lucia January 13, 2012

We’ve got a couple things coming up this weekend. Do you think we should try to put an events calendar up on the website? For now, here’s what’s going on:

Tonight, Clover HSQ (7 Holyoke): Whoopie Pie Friday. We’ll be baking whoopie pies and pouring Peak Organic beer, early evening to midnight. Check @cloverHSQ, we’ll post when they’re ready.

Sunday, Clover Sowa (Harrison Ave): We’re hoping to start running the Sowa truck at the Winter Market. This will be just lunch. Check @cloverSWA if you’re thinking of heading over there.

So what’s the picture all about? We were frying up Grillo’s pickles, habaneros, and jalapenos last night, getting ready for something that’s opening today at the HUB.

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