Herbal tea sampling

By ayr January 18, 2012

Rolando and I are about to re-work our tea program at Clover. Tea has become a recent obsession of mine. You might remember a few months back that we found a killer importer. They’re in Northampton and have been doing this for over 20 years. All the teas they import come directly from the grower. Amazing. And I’ve never had tea like this before. It’s just awesome. I’ve figured out how to offer a green tea which is going to be fantastic.

But before we get into the real teas we’re going to fix our herbals. Rolando and I noticed the other day that our herbal teas, which we source from a lady in Providence, RI who grows the herbs herself, we’re tasting as great as they should. Here Rolando is tasting each, we’re going to make some changes. Stay tuned.

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