HVAC down

By Chris January 21, 2012

Sunday the front HVAC unit wasn’t working and it was a bone-chilling 9 degrees outside. We couldn’t get a repair guy to come out since it was a holiday on Monday, so I decided to take a look at it. Whenever I’m about to do something I always grab somebody to help out and try to turn it into a learning experience, so they can do it the next time. Becca (one of the assistant managers at HSQ) had never been on the roof before, so I brought her up and showed her our HVAC units and our condenser for the walk-in.

We discovered a couple of things. 1.) The filters to each unit needed to be cleaned and 2.) the HVAC was on and producing heat, but the fan wasn’t turning to bringing air inside the space (a fix that’s out of my league).

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