Cauliflower sandwich v.3

By rolando January 23, 2012

OK, on to version #3 of the cauliflower sandwich. Version #2 was way more popular than version #1. Couple issues we were trying to solve with the final version–

1.) Eggplant spread was watery. So, instead of roasting the eggplant and blending, we’re splitting it, roasting it, then allowing it to drain overnight (which removes lots of liquid). Here’s Will, scraping the eggplant to drain. I also made a red onion marmalade to make the spread sort of sweet & sour.

2.) Cooking the cauliflower broke down the florets into really small pieces. We are butchering the cauliflower differently, focusing on isolating the florets into larger pieces.

3.) Finally, we are adding a little more pickled carrots to the napa cabbage.

Let us know how you like the latest version. It’ll be on the menu for another week or so before we move to the next seasonal sandwich…

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