Clover training

By ayr January 23, 2012

Megan and I are thinking about how we should be training at Clover. You could argue that we do this well. We’ve trained over 200 people in the past 12 months, and quality has been improving. But I think we’re far short of our potential.

We want training to be fast and efficient. Basically not take a ton of time from our managers. And we want the results to be high quality. I’d like more confidence 12 months from now that when I ask you if you sandwich was good that you will say “I LOVED it.”

I’ve been thinking for a long time that proper training will be multi-media. This is our initial sketch. I think the multi-media will help make sure we’re aligned with people who have a variety of learning styles. It will also allow us to choose the medium that is most appropriate for a given job. I can’t wait to see this evolve. We’ll share our progress and failures.

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