New employee handbook

By ayr January 25, 2012

New edition of the employee handbook. We fixed some mistakes you all pointed out. Some of you have very sharp eyes, thanks!

We also made a pretty major change to the way we’re compensating managers. I’m really excited about the change, it brings us closer to the ideal of having managers feeling that they are “running their own little business.” Instead of a bonus that is based on a scorecard that tracks your performance managers are going to earn a share of the profit they generate at their location. Specifically, we’re setting the profit sharing at 20% for trucks, 10% for restaurants. That means that if your restaurant earns a 4-wall profit of $200,000 in a given year the manager would be eligible for a $40,000 bonus! The best thing is that I’d be thrilled to write the check because that person would have done amazing things for us.

It’s simple, easy to communicate, easy for managers to track. I’m really excited to see how this works for us all this coming year.

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